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Marian House I (Headquarters)

Marian House I (Headquarters)

Marian House


A transitional and permanent housing and support services program. (Un programa de servicios de apoyo y vivienda transitoria y permanente.)

People We Serve

Homeless women and children.


(410) 467-4121 voice
(410) 467-6709 fax


949 Gorsuch Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218

General Information

Provide a safe, sober environment for women to transition to stable and independent lives.

Headquarters building includes office space for staff and housing and support services for women in the program. The courtyard in the center of the building offers a fountain, trees, shrubs, flowers and benches for sitting.

For intake and referral inquiries, please contact us at 410-467-4121 or (Un ambiente seguro, sobrio y amoroso que desafía para las mujeres que quieren hacer una transición a vidas estables e independientes.)


Supportive Services


At Marian House, individuals are provided with supportive services such as meals and personal supplies, rehabilitation counseling, case management life skills training, job readiness, pre-GED and GED education, referrals for medical care, and a savings program to prepare women for independent living.

Transitional Family Program


Serves women who are ready and able to reunite with their children. The Family Tower can house four families in four three-bedroom apartments for up to two years, with 10-12 families are housed in shared living environments.
Residents of this program have access to all Marian House I supportive services including individual, family and child therapy as well as education and employment assistance. The children living in these units also have access to tutoring and enrichment services as needed.

How to Apply:

Women placed in the family program are often first in Marian House I, but referrals are also taken from family shelters in the community.
Transitional Housing


MARIAN HOUSE I is the transitional housing and intensive rehabilitation phase which provides comfortable, structured community living. Women are given the opportunity to move into a more independent living environment in the second phase of the program.

MARIAN HOUSE II allows women to continue to live in community settings with other women striving to achieve similar goals for independent, healthy living.


Headquarters on Gorsuch Avenue.
Rental assistance (Scattered Sites)


Provided through a Shelter Plus care grant that we receive to assure that payments are affordable.

Scattered site program helps with finding suitable housing with the assistance of our staff. We enter into a rental agreement with the landlord of an apartment or home, allowing you to live independently with the assistance of rental subsidies.


Women and often families are assisted
Permanent Housing


MARIAN HOUSE III houses approximately 80 women and families in the permanent housing program where you receive community support, case management, home visits and access to support services such as educational, rental and employment assistance.

Educational Services


Services offered by the full time education coordinator and provide access to our George McManus Education Center. Each resident receives an educational assessment upon entry, creating a plan.

We partner with the Greater Homewood Community Corporation to provide an onsite GED class, with individual tutoring and self-directed study offered.

Community support


Residents are encouraged to work together to support one another in their recovery efforts. At Marian House residents learn how to trust themselves, staff and one another. They also learn how to develop healthy, supportive relationships. Community is developed through shared chores, community meals and celebrations and the sharing of common living spaces.

Counseling and Case Management


Provide personal rehabilitation counseling from our staff therapists. Through therapy, our counselors help residents overcome their issues.

Referrals are made to additional services such as health care and psychiatry as needed.

Aftercare Services


Receive support services after the residential part of the Marian House Program, improving housing stability and quality of life for women and their families.

Our Alumnae Coordinator supports you through occasional house visits and lunchtime chats. We assist with educational opportunities, employment referrals, and financial matters such as debt reduction, credit repair, financial planning, and income tax preparation. Staff members send birthday cards and notes of encouragement, and respond when women relapse.