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Royal Minds Rehabilitation Services

Royal Minds Rehabilitation Services


Alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment services.


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3719 E Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21224



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General Information

Offer counseling and rehabilitation services for addictions. Care coordination, psychiatric rehabilitation program and halfway houses provided to support patients.

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Open Saturday and Sunday by Appointment.


Addiction Treatment


Individualized treatment programs. Services include: Medications and Medical Devices for treatment of withdrawal symptoms; Behavioral Counseling; Inpatient Rehab; Follow-up for Relapse Prevention; Outpatient Services including Day Treatment Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Possible Co-occurring Mental Health Issues (depression, anxiety, etc.)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Educate and encourage our clients to learn and apply daily living skills for independent living. Individual and group sessions that discuss: Anger Management, Self-Esteem; Conflict Resolution; Communication Skills; Family and Interpersonal Relationships; Life & Social Skills.

Halfway Houses


We provide social, medical, psychiatric, educational, and other similar services to prepare clients for complete independent living. Helps to learn skills to re-integrate into society and better support and care for themselves.


Provides for people with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities, or those with criminal backgrounds,
Counseling Services


Individual, Family, and Group counseling.

Care Coordination


Provide individualized case management that includes coordination of addiction treatment, healthcare, mental health, social, vocational, and housing services. We also make referrals as needed.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program


Assists individuals with moderate to severe mental illness by linking them with services and resources in the communities. We help develop improved daily living skills like personal hygiene, organizational skills, time management skills, nutrition, money management, and achieving healthy coping mechanisms for mental illnesses.