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Sarahs House Mental Health Services

Sarahs House Mental Health Services

Sarah's House Mental Health Services, LLC


Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment services for those suffering from substance abuse.


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General Information

Offer behavioral health services, addictions counseling, and legal services to improve mental and psychological well-being.

Provides outpatient mental health services; medication management; psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP); addictions program; legal services; COVID-19 and mental health.

We accept Medicaid! Contact us HERE.

Service Delivery Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm, Saturday by appointment only.


Mental Health Support


Offers both on-site and off-site Mental Health counseling for individuals and families including education and support services. Provide Trauma Informed Care, Grief and Loss Counseling, and PTSD Counseling.

Legal Services


Offers clinical explanations for how mental health issues impacted involvement with law enforcement. Provides: Mitigation for Court; Case Management; Forensic Assessment; Court Testimony.

Work to identify alternatives to incarceration, coordinating a holistic approach and providing referrals to continue care.

Drug Addiction Program


Offers Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Early Intervention, Gambling Addiction, and DUI/DWI Education.

Treatment services include: Individual, group, and family counseling; Case management services; Addictive disease education; Psychiatric counseling; Psychological services for dually diagnosed clients; Diet and nutrition counseling and education.

We also provide specialized groups for parenting, anger management, co-dependency, criminal offenders, and individuals who have experienced significant and recurring trauma.

Medication Management


Includes prescribing, monitoring, and patient education related to diagnosis and prescribed medication. Providers work with you to ensure that prescribed medications are being used as directed.

Gambling Addiction


Provide treatment services for those impacted by gambling, including the person who is gambling and for family and friends.

If you or a loved one are struggling with problem gambling, please call to inquire about treatment services.

DUI/DWI Education (Level 0.5)


A 12-hour education program (six 2-hour sessions) for persons who have been charged with or convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxication (DWI).

Designed to meet the needs of first-time offenders who show no problem, other than impaired driving, associated with alcohol or other drug use.

Aims to raise your awareness of alcohol use and help you to make healthy decisions in order to avoid repeating the DUI/DWI behavior.


Individuals do not meet the diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or substance dependence, will not have prior alcohol or drug-related arrests, or problems related to alcohol or drug use.

Service Categories

COVID-19 and Mental Health


Individuals, families, and communities experienced increased levels of anxiety and depression from COVID-19 due to limited access to resources such as food, housing, employment, and medical resources.

We offer appropriate crisis management and long-term mental health assessments and interventions for persons exposed to COVID-19.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)


PRP services are a collaborative effort between the therapist, the rehabilitation coordinator, and the client.

Goals include: increased social functioning; ability to manage psychiatric symptoms; ability to develop or learn healthy coping skills; development and use of social skills; assist individuals with learning, accessing, and using community resources; increased self-esteem and self-concept; link to supportive services; assist with identifying obstacles that impair overall functioning